Try A Product Giveaway Campaign – AuraShield Exterior CarCare Bundle

Automoment A-Shop will be launching its second Try A Product Campaign to encourage users to try out AuraShield products. This campaign will start on 18th July via A-Shop’s Facebook Channel until 20th June. The product will be a bundle of AuraShield car Shampoo (1,000ml), Mystic Defender (500ml) and 2 Microfibre cloth (40 cm x 40cm). […]



XADO MID YEAR SALE 2020 is here! Get 15% off all XADO Products when you purchase any XADO Products on Automoment A-Shop. The XADO MID YEAR SALE on Automoment A-Shop will last for 2 weeks, from 28 June to 12 July 2020. Terms & Conditions Apply. (See Below) Terms & Conditions The Sale will start […]

XADO Products

XADO products: Full range now available on Automoment A-Shop

A full range of XADO products are now available for purchase on Automoment A-Shop. The XADO brand belongs to XADO Chemical Group, a Ukrainian company that manufactures revitalizants, oils, greases, aftermarket oil additive. Currently XADO is one of the largest manufacturers of innovative car care products and lubricants. The XADO products designed for restoration and […]

3M Car Care Products

3M Auto car care products now available on Automoment A-Shop

3M car care products are now available on Automoment A-Shop.  Scroll down for the full range of 3M Car care products available. [section] [ux_products style=”normal” type=”masonry” width=”full-width” col_spacing=”collapse” columns=”3″ depth=”1″ depth_hover=”5″ show_cat=”0″ show_rating=”0″ equalize_box=”true” products=”20″ tags=”753″ image_height=”100%” image_overlay=”rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)” text_align=”left” text_size=”small” text_bg=”rgb(0, 212, 255)”] [/section] Follow us on Telegram for latest updates subscribe […]

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